My Net Peaves!

Here are just a few of the things which get on my nerves.
Special note: I am aware that I miss spelled the word peaves. It should read peeves. I did this on purpose just to peave you off. Enjoy-:)
We've only begun, here's #1:
June 5 1998, 8:55 PM
Some of the things that really piss me off are people who do not know how to communicate. Why is it that people can spends hours, days, weeks and even years on the internet and on ICQ, and still not be able to express themselves correctly? This has got to be one of the most frustrating things to have to deal with. Ebonics? Perhaps someone can come up with "Net-onics"! Some type of method whereby the idiotic comments and incorrect punctuation can somehow be erased and corrected BEFORE the message reaches my PC. This would lower my blood pressure substantially and bring back the main reason for being on the Net. To have fun! Think about it folks. Why not try thinking BEFORE typing? Oh my, what a novel idea.
How do you do, it's #2:
June 5 1998, 9:25 PM
Ok, this is one of my most hated ones of all. Why does ICQ have all of the options of showing others that you are, be it available to receive messages, random chat requests, away from your desk, not available etc... if people SEND YOU MESSAGES ANYWAYS? I mean really folks. When I'm away, it means that I'm away! Do I have to spell it out? Not here, gone somewheres else, other than the place I was when I was here. I am away means exactly that, away. Then there are those fellow ICQers who think that just because you have an away mode showing that you are away only to them. They are the priviledged ones. You are away only to them, but available to the rest of the populated world. I mean, geez, think about it folks, there are how many millions of people on ICQ? You are not the only one I am away for. When I am away, I am not here, gone bye bye, somewhere's else. Got it? Are we clear? Is there a different language you would like me to use? Je suis partie! Je ne suis pas la! Comprenez-vous? Ich bin nicht hier! Ich hab den hund raus nemmen mussen! I think you all get the idea!
To 3 or not to 3:(that is the question)
June 5 1998, 9:40 PM
Yup there's more. Can someone tell me why it's so damned hard to get around in those blasted warez sites? I mean fine, there's lots of free stuff, be it pirated or legit, on those sites, but for goodness sake, gimme a break and just show me the links already! Every time I go to a warez site I end up with a gazillion browser boxes open, tits and ass all over the place, cookies up the yin-yang, and am no closer to finding the item I wanted and then my damned PC goes and freezes up on me. You got it. Ctrl/Alt/Delete! Now we all know what happens now. Re-boot the damned thing and start over. Does anyone remember the last warez site you were at? Do you care? Nope, you just start your search from scratch. I tell you, it's a good thing I work for myself and can spend my time lost in warez-land, cuz if I worked for someone with regular hours, I'd either spend all of my earnings buying (God forbid) my proggies, or get fired cuz I couldn't get up in the morning and showed up late! Warez, you are a serious threat to the Net surfer's sanity, not to mention livelihood. Please get your acts together, would you!!!
Yes there's more, on to #4:
June 5 1998, 10:05 PM
Here's one I think you all will relate to. Netscape or Microsoft? I prefer Netscape. No I don't. I prefer Microsoft. That's not true. Netscape rules! No.......Microsoft is the shit! Actually, Netscape has a faster browser. Ya, but Microsoft allows me to view page source and edit and save with the clic of a button. That's great, but Netscape can be easily removed and installed without trashing half of windows along with it. Thats's good, but I can see the satellites and the weather on my desktop with Microsoft. Big deal, you want to see the weather, look outside. You want to see stars, smash your head against the wall. Netscape is a better browser, no matter what you say. No it isn't, Microsoft is the best! Nu uh, Netscape is best. No it isn't! Yes it is!, No way! Yes way! You're nuts. No I'm not! Ya huh! Nu uh! And along comes Zaqar.............................Linux Rules! WWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
We're in the jive, let's go to #5:
June 5 1998, 10:35 PM
Year 2000..........Oh boy! Now this is a good one! If the person or persons who invented the concept of computing were so smart, why didn't they foresee this problem? I'll tell you why. They were aliens, planted here from a different galaxie from the future. This being accepted as fact, the following would stand to be truth. Since they were from the future, they knew that come the year 2000, there wouldn't be any need for computers. Why not? Because they knew that the Earth will no longer exist. We are going to either destroy ourselves, or the sun will explode. Whatever the calamity, we will be no more. Start writing your wills now, just in case you happen to work for NASA and have a chance at hi-jacking the Shuttle. The truth is out there!!! Ha ha ha. Actually, I really am hopeful that this problem will be resolved and am quite confident that somewhere out there sits a genius who will be able to solve the problem. Lets all keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.
No, we got no pix, on to #6:(credit to Ladymopar for this one)
June 5 1998, 11:10 PM
Here's one a Net friend just mentioned. Search engines. You all know what I'm talking about. You can spend days looking for something in there, and heaven help you if you aren't quite sure as to the EXACT name of what it is you seek. Yahoo, Excite, Altavista etc... are out to give us all brain damage, I'm sure of it! Why give me a list of 876,294 links when I search for a site on 1957 Chevrolets, and then I end up clicking on a link and it brings me to "Honest Bob's Chevrolet" which just happens to be a NEW CAR dealership?'s 1998. It's all a conspiracy I tell you! Big brother is watching.....and laughing his ass off at us! Oh well, just another of many Net things we just have to put up with. Ok, now I'm getting pissed, time for a drink!
This ain't heaven, it's #7:(credit to crazyhorse 4980)
June 6 1998, 12:20 AM
Ok folks. What say we get back to ICQ for a minute? Now everyone knows about and has experienced the ICQ breakdowns on occasion. Everyone I know rants and raves about how crappy ICQ is when it croaks. Well folks, YOU GOT IT FOR FREE!!! Stop your bitchin' and put up with it, ok! Now I'll be the first to admit that when ICQ fails, it's very frustrating, but hey, you get what you pay for. Don't get me wrong, I am not defending ICQ. I'm just telling you that I'm tired of hearing you all bitch about it over and over. What say we just accept it and go on with our lives.-:)
We're at the gate, it's #8:
June 6 1998, 1:15 AM
Let's talk about downloading stuff. Is there anyone out there who has never had a download go bad? Not as far as I know. There's always something that goes wrong. The server decides that once you reach 98% completion, you don't deserve to have the program and shuts down. How about getting something from an ftp site, but through your browser? You may as well go for a walk in the park, do your grocery shopping, take in a movie and go out for a 12 course meal, and if you're lucky, when you get back in front of your PC the download was complete. That's why I love my "Cute FTP" program. If you don't have it, go get it. It's well worth it. You can find it in most warez sites. (See #3) Ha ha ha.
Time to whine, it's #9:
June 6 1998, 2:45 AM
Pop-up boxes. Need I say more? I HATE THEM!!! I wish I never saw them. They have got to be one of the most agravating things on the Internet! I understand the need for them, but geez, put a banner at the bottom of the page and let me see what I want to see, not what the sponsors want me to see. The worst so far which I have come across has got to be Geocities. I even have a site there and have stopped doing any work on it because of those annoying little buggers! Bad enough that you HAVE to have the Geocities banner and link package on your site, on EVERY page, but they toss in those damned pop-up's, just to totally disgust me. Well I rebel! No more for me! I see a pop-up, it's gone before it sees the light of day! Should it persist, I'm gone, off to a site where I can enjoy seeing what I want and not getting annoyed. After all, isn't that what this is all about? To escape the daily preasures of life by doing a bit of surfing and having a good time, no matter if you're looking for fun stuff or if you want information on brain surgery? Well no more pop-ups for me!
And again, now #10:
June 6 1998, 3:35 AM
What about chat? Everyone's been to chat. It's ok, you can admit it. Nobody's going to laugh at you. Now can someone please explain to me why it is that people will go into a chat room, get into a discussion which turns nasty, and then they end up fighting, and fighting, and fighting? Back and forth the insults and threats go. This can go on for hours. What is wrong with these people? I don't get it. Did they forget that all they have to do is leave the room or put them on ignore? But noooooooo, they have to keep at it. They actually care who wins the arguement! Unbelieveable! Helloooooo, you're talking to an electronically transmitted signal with a name.(Which is probably false)Who cares? Ignore their asses! Get a life! TURN IT OFF!!!!!!!!!
Enough rhyming, here's #11:
June 7 1998, 2:50 AM
Ok, tonight I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown! This Netscape and Microsoft crap is starting to get to me. As a web designer just starting out, I have come across several differences between the two major browsers and have learned to accept them, deal with them and work around them to have my web sites be presented EXACTLY the same way. Now I realize that the universal color codes don't apply to both browsers equally. There is always just a shade of difference between the two. When will this nonesense end? The Internet is a GLOBAL network available to everyone, so why do the competing browser manufacturers have to be so bloody childish? There's pleanty of money to be made in the industry for all to go around. Get your heads out of your butts and think about the consumer for a change!
Clear the shelves, it's #12:
June 7 1998, 11:50 PM
Yet more web design peaves! If you take a look at the bottom of this page, you'll see a link to bring you to a feedback page. Now I don't know about you, but when I go to a tutorial site for information on web design standards, I expect the site to tell me either all or nothing. In this case, I read up on how to design a form page, specifically for you, the reader, and the formula worked. However, there must be something missing, because as you'll find out after you fill in the form and clic send, THE DAMNED THING DON'T WORK!!! I haven't verified this yet with my IP but I am thus far assuming that there will be a special provision required to enable this feedback form to be sent. I sure hope so, cuz I'm running out of patience with the incompetance on the Net, as I'm sure are many of you out there! I mean, what's the point of giving information on a subject if the information isn't complete? Wake up you guys!!!
Oh no, it's #13:
June 8 1998, 2:15 AM
Well folks, I'm happy to tell you that I have figured out how to get the feedback form to work. Only trouble now is that when I receive the form on my PC it's very close to being GIBBERISH!!! I can read the information, but with a bunch of html mark-up codes between the words. Now the question is WHY? I'm going to take a couple of Asperins and have myself a lie down. This was suposed to be fun and it's turning into quite the ordeal. I swear, whenever I see another form on the Net, believe me, I won't take it for granted anymore. You have no idea ...
I'm keen, it's #14:
June 8 1998, 12:25 PM
Ok, here's one that my fellow web designers can relate to, I'm sure. You see the time logged? Well from the last entry, I still can't get my shit up-loaded to my server. The server crashed early this AM. Why? Because they are up-grading. Now why is it that whenever an up-grade is underway things ALWAYS get worse before they get better? This seems to apply to everything to do with PC's. Why not leave well enough alone? I mean, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. What is this, "Tool Time"? Mind you, I have been VERY satisfied with my IP's service and refer all of my friends and clients to them, but shit, when it crashes, well need I say more......-:)
I'm clean, it's #15:
June 9 1998, 9:45 AM(credit to Cynnamongirl34)
Well here we go, back to ICQ again! Why is it that when a family has multiple users on a single PC, they all use the same username and password for their ICQ? Is this some type of game to keep the other party on their toes? Do they have any idea how annoying it is when you don't know who the heck you're talking to? This can get rather embarassing when children are involved. To all you parents out there........THINK!!! One ICQ, one person, OK?
Sweet #16:
June 9 1998, 10:15 AM
Alright fellow webmasters, remember that form I was working on? Well guess what, I got it working, finally! You can write it, send it, and best of all, I can read it! Yeeee Haaaa! The missing link, so to speak, was the cgi-bin command to correspond with the provision my IP has on his end. Thanks to Sol and Rudy over at Cyberglobe Communications for helping me out on this one. Cheers guys, the coffee's on me! Ok, so this is a laurel, not a peave, big deal, it is after all my page, not yours! -:)
Look, it's #17:
June 14 1998, 3:55 AM
Oh my goodness, yet another ICQ complaint! If this keeps up I'm going to be over my limit on my IPS! This one is with regards to ICQ chat. Don't you just hate it when you're in a chat with someone and you're there, typing away, happy as a clam, and then you look up at the monitor and see the other party has left the chat? Now here comes the good part...the other party requests a chat again, you connect, and then you get blamed for leaving the chat, then you blame them and so on, until the connection gets cut off again. What a pain! Oh well, the things we have to live with, eh? -:)
Great stuff, it's #18:
June 14 1998, 4:00 AM
This one really burns me big time! Have you heard that AOL is buying ICQ? This spells impending doom to me. How long before ICQ will be interfaced with AOL Instant Messanger? How long before ICQ is going to cost all users money? How long before you'll need to be hooked on the Net with AOL to be able to access ICQ? The questions are endless. Basically, I HATE AOL! I despise them! Don't like anything about them. I hate AOL almost as much as I hate Bill Gates! Oh well, time will tell. -:)
Gimme a ball-peen, it's #19:
June 22 1998, 12:45 PM
Can someone please tell me why the heck ICQ is determined to give me a nervous breakdown? I dare you to try and delete someone from your list. Oh, and when you get that box up that asks you if you want them removed from your address book, CHECK IT! My PC froze up real good on me when I tried. Talk about a major piss-off! I wish the damned program would have all components working!!! I'm almost at the point where I'm ready to pack in ICQ and use the god-damned telephone instead!!! ICQ, you guys better get your shit together, and FAST !!!
This is plenty, it's #20:
July 3 1998, 3:00 AM
Here's another one a friend pointed out to me. What's the story with all these sites on the Net that are under construction? Are these sites just there to fill cyber-space? Are they the creation of bored people who, on a whim, decided to design a web site and then changed their mind? Did they realize that it wasn't as easy as they had thought it was? Then to make matters worse, they put that promise of completion soon on the page and ask us to come back in a little while. What is a little while? An hour? A day? A week? A month? A year? The end of time? Geez you guys, get it together, ok? There are plenty of folks out there who would like to post sites and I'm sure several have had names ready for them only to find that the name has been taken, and by an unfinished site no less. If this would happen to me I would go nuts!
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